Alu Line
Alu Line

Alu Line

Alu Line - designed by Jørgen Møller.

The Alu line is a collection of firmly shaped aluminum trays. 

The alu trays let you gather your office tools and papirs in a minimalistic fashion. 

The Alu Line was created in 2005, and the designed is inspired by the fashion in Milano at the current time. 

The alu trays can be installed in the far most office environments and no matter the size of your stack of paper, your desk will look sorted and presentable. 

The black stripes are non-slip materials, and this enables you to use the tray as a serving tray too. 

And this is why Askman Furniture is 'Functional Art'.



Small tray: 

L: 30 cm | W: 20 cm | H: 2 cm

Large tray: 

L: 43 cm | W: 27 cm | H: 3 cm

Black stribes: 

L: 32 cm | W: 30 cm | H: 2 cm